About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to publishing and disseminating original research papers in Agricultural Economics, other fields of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Social and Management Sciences. The journal also welcomes review articles and short communications. It is published on line twice a year.

Instruction for Author(s)

Preparation of Manuscript

Manuscript should be written in English, typed double-spaced, with font size 12 of Times New Roman 3cm margins of A4 paper. The pages should be numbered at the top corner of the right margin. Manuscript in general should be organized as follows:

First Page:

The first page should carry the title of the paper at the top of the page which should be concise and not more than 15 words. This is followed by the name(s) of author(s) and list of their addresses/Institutional affiliation. The mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be provided.


There must be an abstract not exceeding 300 words. It should be a concise description of the main aim, methods, results and conclusion/recommendation. It should be suitable for separate publication in an abstracting journal.

Key Words

There shall be key words of 3-6 immediately under the abstract.

Main body of the work:

The main body of the work should be presented under the following headings:


This should be a brief description of the problem, a short review of only relevant literature and statement of the objective of the work. Subheadings not required here.

Methodology (Materials and methods):

Materials and methods or methodology include study area description, methods, techniques and statistical analysis. It also includes experimental design and description of procedures. Subheading may be used for each item. 

Results and Discussion:

Results should be report findings of the study without unnecessarily repeating information already stated on the tables and figures. Tables and figures should be placed in the appropriate location in the text. Discussion should explain the significance and implication of the results. Results and discussion for convenience may be combined but a brief concluding paragraph would be necessary.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

Conclusion and recommendations should be drawn and derived respectively from the results.


Brief Acknowledgements should be used to show gratitude for any assistance received in doing the work.


References in the text should be cited according to APA System, with author’s surname(s) e.g. Kwaghe (2015) or (Kwaghe, 2015), Bila and Kwaghe (2015) or (Bila and Kwaghe, 2015), Mohammed et al. (2015) or (Mohammed et al., 2015). List of the references cited should be in the alphabetical order of surnames at the end of the paper. The layout should be as follows:


Ojo C.O., Kwaghe, P.V., Mohammed, S.T. and Sulumbe, I.M. (2015). Risk Management and Sustainability in Banana Production: A Case Study from Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences. 1(1):1-10.


Mohammed, S.T. and Sulumbe, I.M. (2015). Production Economics for Students in Tertiary Institutions. 1st Edition. Kumshe Publishers, Maiduguri – Nigeria. 20-100.

Edited Books

Ojo, C.O. and Kwaghe, P.V. (2015). Poverty in Borno State. In: Socio-economic Survey of Northeastern Nigeria (Bila, Y., Mohammed, S.T. and Sulumbe, I.M., eds.), Kumshe Publishers, Maiduguri – Nigeria. 11-24.

Papers Accepted:

Sulumbe, I.M. (2015). Analysis of Urban Agriculture in Jere Local Government Area, Borno State, Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Economics, Environment and Social Sciences. 1(1), (In press).

Conference Papers:

Kwaghe, P.V., Mohammed, S.T. and Sulumbe, I.M. (2015). Analysis of Household Food Security among Residents of Maiduguri, Nigeria. Bila, Y. (ed) Proceeding of the 21st Annual Conference of Agricultural Economics Society, Held at El-Kanemi Hall, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. 5th – 8thJanuary, 2015.34-56.


Kwaghe, P.V. (2006). Poverty Profile and its Determinants among Farming Households in Borno State, Nigeria. Ph.D Thesis, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. 142pp.


Tables should be clearly typed and placed in the correct position (close to the beginning of discussion) in the paper. Each table should be numbered with Arabic numerals e.g. Table 1, and should contain a brief title on the top. Every table must be referred to in the text.


Illustrations should be made in black colour and placed close to the discussion it illustrates in the paper. Photographs should be good quality glossy prints, with clear contrast of postcard size. Legends to figures should be typed in a concise form. Final decision on the production of figures in colour rests with the Editor-in-Chief. However, any author wishing to have colour figure should communicate such to the Editor-in-Chief at the time of processing of accepted article for production. Label all figures as Fig, and should be indicated with Arabic numerals.


The SI system should be used for all scientific and laboratory data unless they conflict with generally accepted current practice {e.g. kilogram (kg), milligram (mg), liter (lt), hour (hr), degree centigrade (oc) hectare (ha)} etc.

Submission of Manuscript:

Papers to be submitted should be original and should not have been published or offered for publication elsewhere. If there is more than one author, a statement to the effect that the article has been approved by all the authors must accompany it. A PDF galley proof will be sent to the author electronically and author is expected to proof read and accept or correct within 48 hours. If the Editor does not receive any response, it will automatically mean acceptance as sent, and publication process will continue unabated. No correction will be accepted thereafter. The Editor’s decision regarding articles submitted for publication is final.

Processing and Page Charges:

Manuscripts should be submitted with processing fee of N5000.00 ($20 for foreign submission). On acceptance, author(s) will pay a page charge of N15,000.00 ($100 for foreign submission).

Copyright Material

If copyright material is involved, the author(s) must obtain permission from the right owner as publisher will not assume any responsibility arising from such.

Copy of Journal

Author will be given one hard copy of the journal containing their paper. One copy of the journal is for one article and any author who requires additional hard copy of the journal, will have to pay N 2,500.00 per extra copy.

Account Details

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